Another Milestone!

As of yesterday Crooked Creek has 150 followers. This is the point at which I had planned to update the blog to a new look. But, I couldn’t wait, so that was completed a few days ago.

Thank you to all readers and followers. I appreciate each of you. I also appreciate other bloggers who I follow.  Some have been recommended here and I will continue to do that from time to time as well as perhaps reblog with the writer’s permission. 

Please continue to let me know what you like, make suggestions for topics and tell me when I’m out of line! I appreciate each of you. 




Theme graphic in title by Pixabay

6 thoughts on “150

  1. Sue, you have done a remarkable job! Congratulations on this milestone. While I don’t always comment, I always read and enjoy the thoughts and comments. Keep it up, it’s mind stretching!

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  2. Sue, I enjoy reading all your posts! They make me ponder and it leaves me looking inward to remember my own past life experiences! I just want to express my appreciation to you for sharing your thoughts and impressions in such a beautiful and thought provoking way!

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