Springtime Walk

Back to the Park

For various reasons, some more important than others, I have not been to the Parklands to walk for a long time. Mostly it’s just that during the winter months I’m a wimp about the cold temperatures and it seems that spring has been a long time coming here in Kentucky. Finally this past weekend the temperature was just right and I returned to Pope Lick Park, my favorite along Floyd’s Fork. Other areas of the Parklands are more elaborate and have very interesting features, but Pope Lick is more wild in places and more intimate, except for the soccer fields, but the walk around them illustrates kids and adults interacting in the most positive ways. Whether a team or family event, the atmosphere is competition at its best. 

The Walk

As I began my walk I eagerly looked forward to the signs of spring, but they were not as abundant as expected. Most trees had tiny tender leaves springing forth. There were signs of wildlife, but I saw only a few birds. I did document the extensive work of the resident woodpecker population.  The grass was mostly green, but there were dried grasses all along the trails. 

The further I ventured, the more interesting finds, including some of my favorites. There were cattails shedding like cats, mushrooms living well on dead trees and a sure sign of springtime, May apples. 

The 1.5 mile walk revealed very few wild flowers, or perhaps they are weeds, but they bloomed nevertheless. I wasn’t disappointed, but a little letdown that springtime was not waiting there for me as I had anticipated. 

The Encounter

Then I spotted a tree that was apparently very glad to see me!



7 thoughts on “Springtime Walk

  1. I loved your springtime comments. Early springtime is a delight because we may spot tiny wildflowers that aren’t visible for very long and are exquisitely beautiful. Glad you were able to get back out for your walk.
    And, of course, your risqué humor was a surprising ending.

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  2. No, not offensive. Your sense of humor and outlook amuse me.

    Some of my favorites memories are early springtime hikes in the Smokies or at Red River Gorge. The memories of surprise sightings of spring beauty, trillium, lady slippers, etc. still make me smile.

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  3. Thanks for sharing your spring time observations! I so enjoyed the pics, especially the tree that was obviously so excited for your return:)))

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