Welcome to my Blog called Crooked Creek. While it comes to you via cyberspace which is beyond my comprehension, this creek is a real place I know well. You are invited to join me as I walk along its banks, back in time, and as I introduce you to other places and events I have experienced during my years on this planet. Whether you are more familiar with small creeks, mighty rivers or ocean currents, I hope you will find things in this blog with which you can relate. Some of the entries may bring strong emotions and this is my aim. If I also cause you to laugh from time to time, I will feel my efforts are worthwhile.


Thank you for checking in and I look forward to sharing with you on a regular basis.

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© Please note that all photos are the property of the blogger or noted photographer/source and permission has not been granted for sharing. Also, not all creek photos are of Crooked Creek, my birthplace in Anderson County. 

Disclaimer: The content of this blog is not intended as advice, but is limited to the personal opinions of the author based upon day to day experiences. Information contained herein is not presented as medical, legal or clinical recommendation. This blog is provided as entertainment only.

August 30, 2016/Updated 8/23/18

I will love hearing from my readers. You may comment on the blog post page or contact me at: suebmattingly@gmail.com


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