The Beast

Those of you who have followed this blog for a long time know how much I have enjoyed walking, especially in the parks near my home. I loved enjoying the changing seasons, animals such as deer which I often saw and just the exhilarating feel of being out in nature. A year or so ago I was walking 3-4 miles most days and then trouble struck. Like many seniors I now have a bum knee. Some of my friends are getting knee replacement, but I’m determined that isn’t going to be me. I’ve had two steroid injections with varying results and weight bearing can still be very painful at times.

After a few weeks of physical therapy I forgot all that I’d been taught and instructed to do, i.e., exercises. I’m not a good PT patient. Recently though I recalled a horrible machine that the therapist seem to enjoy seeing me suffer on. It was big and intimidating but was supposed to strengthen the leg muscles that would better support the knee. The more I thought about that contraption the more I thought I should have one to use at home. That was a problem because there was no room for it in my condo.

The more I thought about it the more I decided that I could live without the sofa in my office. With the help of my daughter someone was identified who needed a sofa so, much to the chagrin of my cat, Elliott, I gave the sofa away. Elliott would probably say I sacrificed his “napper.”

Next I had to find the machine and it wasn’t hard to do. It is called a Cardio Strider, which I promptly named The Beast! I will never tame it, but over the past week I’ve averaged 1.5 hours and eight miles per day. The Beast is big, it’s ugly and Elliott hates it. He seems to be embarrassed for me when I sit astride it and begin to work-out. I’m not going to give up. I’m going to get this bum knee in better condition so that I may be back walking in the park when spring gets here.

The Beast


7 thoughts on “The Beast

  1. Well my friend,
    I don’t have a bum knee, but have allowed myself to slip into a bit of Covid hibernation and therefore, am out of shape. I’ve begun to work on that, and hope we can do some nature hikes sometime soon!!

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  2. So sorry about your knee. In 2010 I had a fall and had a torn meniscus, cortisone shots, then laparoscopic surgery. After therapy and shots about once every 6 months, my knee no longer bothers me. Now it is tendonitis in my right elbow. Over the years I have had tendonitis in my thumb, fingers, wrist and elbow area. I am tired of it. I do the exercises and I use the medicines and occasional Advil with using ice, etc. now I am scheduled for another Cortisone shot but have to wait a month after my second COVID shot. It usually takes 2 weeks for it to take full effect.
    I tell you all this to let you know that I sympathize with you. At leastI am still able to take my walks. Good for you for tackling that machine. Hope all is well.

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