My family has teased me because I say that things always happen in threes. In general, I mean bad things, e.g., deaths, appliance and other household problems, etc. Well, today I strongly hope that I am right because I’ve had three mishaps with my new car.

For as long as I can remember I wanted a particular brand of car. It has been more a pipe dream than a bucket list item since I’ve really never had a bucket list and never truly believed I would own that car. When my Toyota became unreliable and it was obvious that I needed to trade cars, I started to seriously think of the possibility of my dream car. My family and friends were encouraging and after some careful shopping around and negotiating I drove home that car I had wanted for so long. It is a SUV model, so that seemed practical and not too extravagant.

I was so excited about the back-up camera, which I had never had before. I loved the automatic wipers that came on at the first few sprinkles of rain. It was billed as a “self-driving” car and it almost was. All that technology was a bit overwhelming, but I was learning one feature at a time. Then the threes’ curse began.

  1. Before the first week had passed while backing up, I thought carefully watching the camera, I backed into another car’s bumper and while doing no damage to it, cracked my own back bumper.
  2. A week later I was driving when the “check engine” light came on. I went to the dealership, indignant that such a problem has occurred only to find it was because I had not replaced the gas cap tightly.
  3. A week after that I go to the car wash not thinking of those magical wipers. Well, of course, they came on and by the time I got them turned to the off position, I was missing one wiper blade. Simple to have fixed the next day for $53!

I’m trying to look at these mishaps with humor, but it’s a little hard. I keep wondering if destiny is trying to tell me something, but I’m going to chalk it up to the threes, breathe a sigh of relief that they are over and enjoy my new ride.





6 thoughts on “Threes

  1. Yes you have had your three “bad lucks.” And I hope that is the end of those.
    I have heard that saying many times. However this past week I surpassed the threes so I will no longer feel comfortable when my three comes along.
    Last Sunday I was volunteering at a Ladies Golf Tournament and had volunteered for an extra shift because they were short on volunteers. It was a busy day and I had eaten breakfast with my coffee and water about 8:30. I got to work about 10:30 and worked straight through, standing most of the time until our chairperson brought lunch at 1:00. After eating and drinking a bottle of water, I worked about another 1 1/2 hours, then went to get my friend as we were going to head back to Melbourne before the tournament was over. I was tired and weak and was glad to get on the bus to sit down. When I did, I promptly passed out. Luckily for me the first aid unit was nearby and revived me but also Called an ambulance. To make a long story shorter, I was admitted to hospital for observation. Heart test and ct scan were normal and it was determined that I had dehydration or heat exhaustion ( temperature was only 73).

    At any rate the next day we headed to Melbourne and were almost home when a lady hit my bumper as I was waiting at a light. She was so apologetic and said she thought the traffic had started even though the light was still red. Luckily there was no damage and no bodily harm.

    So I dreaded the next few days. Surely enough on Wed., we were headed to the airport to pick up some visitors. We had taken our golf clubs out and put them in the garage so we could get the visitors’ bags in the car. As I backed out of the garage, I heard a scraping noise. One of the golf bags had fallen over and under the car. It took some pulling and tugging to get it out as the bag had become stuck next to the frame.
    So we went on our way to the airport, thinking we had our Three bad lucks. Low and behold a rock bounced up into the windshield and cracked it.

    So I hope 4 is now the unlucky number and there are no more unlucky events in my life for awhile.

    I am glad your 3 were easily fixed ( just frustrating) and that you have happy trails ahead.

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  2. I am so sorry that things are happening like that but do agree, they seem to come in bunches. I am not a fan of “bundling” and hope that good things will happen to you and others to balance things out.

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