Janet’s Gifts

I’ve said here on this blog that people are good.


Today I want to tell you about one of those good people.

Recently, a neighbor called me who is having serious health problems, but she didn’t call me about that. She called to see if I still “go to the homeless shelter” and I told her that I do when I have items to donate. She informed me that she had some things she had knitted if I would like to take them to Haven House and of course I told her that I would.  https://crookedcreek.live/2019/07/07/haven-house/

When I got to her home I was shocked at the amount of beautiful hand-knitted items Janet had to give away. Hats, shawls, scarves, ear warmers, baby blankets, booties, and gloves. You can see in the photos below all the colorful gifts she was donating. It was much more than Haven House could use and I wanted to be sure these lovely pieces found the people who needed them.

My daughters were visiting and when I showed them this bounty they immediately offered to help with the distribution. We divided the well over 100 items. Dianne took warm hats and scarves to Exit Zero which ministers to people living outside on the streets. Allison took the baby things and pieces for small children to St. Elizabeth’s Home that houses unwed mothers and their children. I took the balance to Haven House.

The winter is long from over here in Kentucky. Over one hundred people will be warmer because of the heart of Janet Essig. People are good. People are Christlike. Look around. They are among us.



10 thoughts on “Janet’s Gifts

  1. Janet, leads a Christlike life of love and example ! All the knitted items are beautiful! Thank you both for serving people who need it the most ❣️

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  2. What a wonderful thing she has done. She used her time and talent to help others and because of her, you and your daughters, I am sure many people felt blessed. Good for all of you. Those things are beautiful!

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  3. Just wanted to let you know that I got permission from Janet to put this article in the next Carrington Greene newsletter. I had to edit it a little. Thanks for writing about her. Janet and I graduated from Southern High School together in 1959.,


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