Just for Fun II

How observant are you? It’s all in how we look at things.

Billowing curtains
Undulating hedges
Should I go or stay
How long can I hold on
It is time
Time to go

Thanks for all the responses. This is yesterday’s poem with a slightly different look. See it now?  Christine did, but is too much a lady to say it. Pat got it in shorthand with a little help from her friends. Gerri gave it a try or two.

Again, this was a little exercise just for fun. I hope you enjoyed it. I did. If it had a message at all it’s that what passes for poetry can be a bit of BS. This little ditty took less than five minutes to write, but may sound like poetry to some. Or not.



7 thoughts on “Just for Fun II

  1. I loved it but am glad it was solved by Christine and my friend and her daughter( for me). Otherwise , I would have been up all night. It is strange because I do these in Sunday’s paper. It is proof that sometimes, I fail to see the whole of something by focusing on a single part.

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