43 thoughts on “Just for Fun

  1. Is it a shell, is it a fish?
    Finding the answer, is my wish.
    Is it a tortilla, or perhaps a fan?
    How do I answer, man, oh, man!
    A wad of cotton? Some kind of scrubber?
    If I don’t know soon, I’ll surely blubber.
    A bathtub plug, a piece of lint?
    Every time I need to squint.
    Is it burned, it is a shadow?
    I think I’ll ask Rachel Maddow.
    I beg of you, on bended knee,
    Am I close or out to sea?
    It’s official, I’m crying, “Uncle”.
    Might it be a big carbuncle?

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  2. Sue, There are two possible explanations for this: One, I either haven’t been around it enough to know it when I see it, or two, I am inundated with it and fail to notice. So now, I Better Settle down for the night, tomorrow eat Bean Sprouts, Baked Salmon, Be Sweeter, Be Smarter.

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