The Visit Poem

the visit


upon waking,

the first day of this new year,

i opened my back door

to find visitors…


not just the usual gathering,

but an unorthodox menagerie…

visitors of the most extraordinary kind…


a boastful bluejay

flashing his brilliant wings…

a haughty mockingbird

exhibiting his boisterous nature…


a bashful carolina wren

darting back and forth

from bush to bush…

a host of chatty starlings

conversing amongst themselves

from higher in the trees


and my usual visitors…

the common house sparrows

hiding in the safety of the holly bushes…

a male cardinal, tweeting madly

from the utility line.,,

and a handful of doves,

camouflaged against the bare ground

beneath the empty feeder…


my visitors come anxiously…

awaiting their morning manna

of sunflower and millet seeds…

peanuts and thistle…


but the most striking visitors of the day

are the dozens of robins

devoid of their usual warm weather fare,

come to feast on the ripened red berries

of the foster hollies…


and here am i…

ever grateful for the visit

where in my own private aviary

without walls or doors

all are free to come and go at will…

knowing they can…

knowing there is safety,

but knowing there is freedom…


and here am i…

in awe of what nature has delivered

on this the first day of a new year…

knowing that not only is it they

who have come here to me,

but i in turn

who have also paid the visit

By Sylvia L. Mattingly, January 1, 2020… the year of perfect vision.



Photo by Pixabay



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