The Plant From Hell

We moved into our new condo in the spring of 2013 leaving behind a big yard and koi ponds and all kinds of trees and flowers. The condo has a small courtyard with a patio and room for a few plants. When it came to plants my husband never understood “few.” He worked all summer filling the soil with every plant he could think of and some he knew nothing about. By the time I added a few herbs the space was completely filled with hydrangea, crepe myrtles, rosebushes, honeysuckle, nandina, ferns and more.

In the summer of 2014 Raymond got to enjoy his courtyard planting, admiring his small plants showing signs of growth. In the winter Raymond died leaving me to care for his garden. I tried, I really did. I enjoyed the roses. I fought the Japanese Beetles. I mulched and watered, fed and trimmed and now all these years later I have a jungle.

I had quickly learned the nandina was invasive, but I was in for a big surprise this summer when I saw the Autumn Clematis from one end of the courtyard to the other. It was beginning to cover up most everything. My daughter, Dianne, is a Master Gardener and with a little research she informed me that this was not going to stop spreading . . . ever. As you can see from the title photo here it is nothing like an ordinary clematis but is quite pretty with delicate little blooms.

Dianne came to my rescue yesterday and dug up the plant from hell as well as the unruly honeysuckle and invasive nandina. I now have clear space in my courtyard and it looks so much better. I also have, five tall bags of trimmings and roots to dispose of and feel a little guilty for removing things that were planted with so much love.


8 thoughts on “AUTUMN CLEMATIS

  1. Beautiful!! Great job by you and your talented daughter.. I am a Rose Bush, but even my artificial flowers die. I envy those like you and Dianne who have that green thumb.

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  2. I don’t think that I have seen or heard of that plant. It is very pretty but plants that take over are aggravation unless you have lots of room.

    Your husband and I would have enjoyed talking about plants because there has always been a flower garden in my life. It just got to be too much work for me and then I moved to a condo with no garden space and as I like to say, ” Now I have all the enjoyment of my neighbors’ flowers and not the work.” I do like to let them know how much I appreciate their work and beauty.

    Your husband would be very proud that you cherished his garden enough to care for it and give it proper treatment. It looks very nice and I am sure you will enjoy it until it begins to outgrow the space again.
    Work well done. You are fortunate to have a daughter who helped save your garden. If it is overgrown, the flowers that are there cannot be fully appreciated.

    Hope you are well.

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  3. LOL. Plant from Hell ! As soon as I saw the title I knew something was coming that was anything but pretty, delicate, little blooms and pictures of “Autumn”. The word just doesn’t sum it up does it? FALL, not autumn. Fall from Grace should have been the title since it was the Plant from Hell. I love your writing – what a fun surprise!

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