Like most other people during this pandemic I’ve been staying close to home. Even family get-togethers are not safe in these COVID days. Once every couple of weeks I drive one mile up the road to pick up my pre-ordered groceries that workers safely place in my car. That’s it as far as going places so I was particularly excited last night.

My two daughters and I drove to our destination in separate cars, we wore masks and we social distanced, but still I couldn’t wait for our adventure! I even wore makeup and felt like I was going on a date. The tickets were expensive and limited to allow for lots of space between guests. Where was our big night?

Wild Lights Asian Lantern Festival at the Louisville Zoo

The Louisville Zoo is one of my favorite places because of the animals, of course, but the animals on display last night were made of silk of every color of the rainbow.


Most were very realistic looking and all were brightly lit. There were more than 2,000 lanterns displayed in 65 larger than life scenes. It was a fantastical journey of about one and a quarter miles. There was a 130 foot-long dragon set on a small lake with a fountain. It was beautiful.


Being with my two most favorite people made it perfect. They took the photos as I was too excited to have patience with a camera. These pictures are all compliments of Dianne.




9 thoughts on “Lanterns

  1. What an enLIGHTening adventure! Even those of us who read your blog are able to experience it. Thank you for the smiles you are bringing to so many of us who do not venture out and about. Where there’s a wheel, there’s a way, as your daughters and you have demonstated!

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  2. We considered going to it- would have loved to see it. So glad that you got to go And enjoyed it. Thanks for the pictures. They are exceptional.

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  3. Beautiful. We were zoo members when we lived in Louisville and have many wonderful memories of pushing Aaron in the stroller through the exhibits. So glad you got to experience this! Thanks for sharing the pictures!

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  4. I have very good memories of that night. Seems like a world away when we thought this CoVid thing would surely be over by Thanksgiving and here we are. I like Karen’s statement, “It was a simple delight amid worries.” I remember needing to be out after such a long time isolated but thinking are we too close – the animals are lose but not dangerous except for that bug called “19” floating in the air somewhere between dragon’s and hippos!

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