It’s National Poetry Month

Poem by Sylvia

A million shades of gray

Once I thought life was all black and white

Half a century now gone by…things have gone from day to night

I’ve learned that in the book of life, the words are a colorful array

And everything in between the lines is but a million shades of gray

Once I thought life was all black and white

That everything around me was either wrong or was right

That the world was of nothing but opposite extremes

And then I found that life wasn’t what I saw in my dreams

I once was an idealist and dreamed of everything white

If it wasn’t, it was black and black wasn’t all right

I dreamed of white, pure and good… the color of snow

But over five decades, I have now come to know

Life is as colorful as we choose it to be, but with many shades of gray

Reality lives, and we must understand that the sun doesn’t shine every day

There’s not always a rainbow, there’s not always snow, and darkness doesn’t always thrive… 

It’s not the black and the white but the million shades of gray that actually keep us alive

Written by: Sylvia L. Mattingly 11/30/11



4 thoughts on “It’s National Poetry Month

  1. It seems I recognize this author.
    I hadn’t read this in a long while. One of my favorites.
    I was such an idealist when I was young, but life has jaded me and taught me that it truly is about everything in between… the million shades of gray.

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