Writing Prompt


“What TV show, past or present, do you wish your life was like?”

I guess it would have to be “Mayberry RFD” mainly because of the innocence of the characters. Life was simple then, but there was also Barney and other foolish folks to keep things amusing and imperfect.


What would be yours?



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11 thoughts on “Writing Prompt

  1. The Waltons were a nice family with wise parents, enough money, and the rural setting. As an only child, I thought all those kids would be great. But of course, none of those shows were a true representation of society – just a small idealized slice. Fun, though, to think and remember there were simpler times.

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  2. We were raised without TV but I have seen some in reruns. I agree about Andy Griffith. he was very wise and always seemed to find a way for Barney to save face, something I admired. I also liked Leave it to Beaver and again, I saw only in reruns. Still it brings back memories of a time when we were kind and thoughtful because we were raised that way. I also liked The Waltons.

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  3. I loved Andy Griffith, Barney, Aunt B.( because I had a real Aunt B. I loved, So much.) In fact: My Aunt B. was much like the “ Aunt B. Character.” Of course, I loved the whole Cast.

    I was “ in Love, “ with The Beaver. “ Leave it to Beaver Show.
    I practiced his smile, his character.

    Dick Van Dyke show, made me laugh. Laughter made me happy.

    Gomer Pyle Show, was another favorite. Why? I loved the Military. I often thought of being within the Military. Lol. Thank God, I did Not.
    I would have been the second, Gomer..

    Sunday nights; The one TV was devoted to ME. The Lassie Show!

    Wow! Thankful for the Shows from that Era.
    Such great Attributes that, children learned from each one.

    In So many ways, The 60’s were a wonderful Era to have lived, as a Child.

    As I remember The 60’s, I remember It
    as a great time.
    As an Adult. I know the Era was a tremulous time for America. However; I do realize, comedy mixed with Truth, made it easier to be: “ Just A Kid! “

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  4. Wow! So many great comments and thoughts on this subject. I guess great minds think alike, as I also immediately thought about The Walton’s and Leave it to Beaver. Any Griffith and Lost in Space were other favorites. Some of the shows, I loved for their values and lessons. Lost in Space was purely for the excitable and adventurous side of me!
    I still watch all of these shows on Antenna T.V. and they are by far better than the present day offerings. To me.

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