The Perfect Summer


The writing prompt today is, “What is your idea of the perfect summer?” I will share my idea of the perfect summer first and look for your ideas in response.

The Perfect Summer

First, there would be lots of sunshine, of course, but also rains. I love to hear it raining, whether a pitter-patter or a hearty downpour. When I was little I could hear the rain so clearly on the windows at home or my grandparents’ tin roof. With our big houses today and abundant insulation it is rare to hear rain as it hits the ground or other hard surfaces. I miss that.


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8 thoughts on “The Perfect Summer

  1. I’m always in favor of an abundance of rain. I really enjoy thunderstorms — in the daytime, not 2am. 😉 Rain every fourth day maybe; with three days of blissful sunshine between. Temp hovering around 75 F. Perfect weather! 🙂

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  2. I agree with everything you said. I am now and have always been fond of the sound of rain. I also love the joy of children’s voices as they play outside; hearing the birds chirping; seeing the butterflies and moths. It is also a plus not having to figure out how to dress, as in, “Do I layer and peel as the day progresses”? The trees are full and showing us that they survived the harshness of winter. People are walking and embracing the daylight.

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  3. I agree with you! The sunshine is great because it makes me feel happy. But also the rain is nice because the earth needs the hydration. I loved to sit in front of our living room window and watch the rain outside as a kid and lie in bed at night listening to it. I still do!

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  4. I used to play in the rain with my sisters when I was young. I learned to enjoy the rain, and not hate that it had come. Some people don’t like a rainy day, but I go with the song, “I love a Rainy Day..yeah!”

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  5. My idea of a perfect summer exists in my past…
    in a time when summers were of being out of school, warm days and cool nights… lightning bugs at dusk, white clover necklaces…
    thundershowers that laid down enough rain to form huge puddles in our yard that we swam in…
    wading in the creek and catching Crawdads…
    my perfect summer

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