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Deathbed Playlist

In November 2016 The New York Times published an opinion piece about the kind of music one would want to hear while dying. I have a list that I’d like at my funeral, but I had never given any thought to what I’d want to hear while dying. As I read the desires of others I began to put together my own “deathbed playlist.”

Of those who shared their lists some of the pieces were classical. I think classical music can be very comforting, but I am not educated enough in that kind of music to choose. Far more respondents mentioned rock pieces by specific artists or bands.  These I could identify with, such as Zeppelin, Cohen, Dylan, The Rolling Stones and others. 

After reading this article in the NYT by Mark Vanhoenacker I chose “When God Made Me” by Neil Young, for sure. It is not an especially comforting song, but one full of questions. I’ve always had questions and know they will continue until I draw my last breath. My hope is that the answers might follow. 

How about you? What music would you like to hear during your last hours on this planet? Please share with us. 

Funeral Playlist

I suspect that many of you know the music you’d like at your funeral. Am I right? I do, the list is in The Binder have listed songs I’d like my family to choose from and they include: “Remember” by Josh Grobin, an old hymn “It is Well with My Soul,” the aforementioned “When God Made Me,” and of course “Amazing Grace” by either Elvis, Andrea Bocelli or IL Divo. 

At the end of my cousin, Pat’s, funeral we were all surprised and jolted by “Spirit in the Sky.” We laughed and shared a moment of Pat humor. It was great!  

What music do you want at your funeral? Please share. 

“Where words fail, music speaks.”

Hans Christian Andersen


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17 thoughts on “Music 4

  1. As much as I love music I’ve never thought about what I would want playing when I die or at my funeral. I like your choices. The few that come to mind right away would be Where does the time go by Nina Simone or Sandy Denny,
    Grand Canyon by DBT because I love them and they play that song in memory of the departed, Beginnings because that is Adam and my song, Wind Beneath My Wings because my dad sang that to me when my first son was born, I Love You Forever (a song in the book of the same name I read my boys when they were little), Comfortably Numb, something Led Zeppelin, Driver 8 because it’s the first song I sang back up on as an adult…..this is easier than I thought it would be.

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  2. Oh yes, I have the list in my funeral suggestions. One of my favorite is “Going Home.” Three of my favorite renditions are by the Lawrence Welk orchestra, Mormon Choir and Sissel.
    Others include how Great Thou Art, For Good, Meditation from Thais, oboe solo from The Mission, His Eye Is on the Sparrow, In the Garden, In the Bulb there is a Flower, Knowing What I Know About Heaven, and somewhere Over the Rainbow. (And a few others)
    As you can see, there is a wide variety for my loved ones to choose from. I feel the music should bring comfort and/ or smiles to the faces and hearts of those who attend. Since there are several musicians in my family, I hope that some of them will provide the music and would like a classical group to do a couple of the songs.

    One of my special memories is at the death bed of the unexpected death of my
    Mother. She was taken off the respirator and the nurses said we could stay with her Until she quit breathing and beyond. We gathered around her bed and because Christmas was a special gathering to our family, we sang Christmas carols. The one I most remember was “O Come All Ye Faithful” and it seemed so appropriate.

    I had not heard the song you mentioned and played it on Utube. I love it and will add it to my playlist.
    When my long time companion died, I had her piano teacher play some songs. One I gave her was the U.K. fight song because KAYE was such a huge fan. Linda Bader, who was playing, inserted parts of it into another song as they were taking the casket out of the chapel. It made everyone smile and laugh. That certainly was the way KAYE would have wanted to leave her friends and family—- with a smile on our faces.

    I have said enough on this subject.

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    1. Thank you for sharing. I can tell you’ve spent a great deal of thought on this subject. I agree that the music should be what comforts whose who are gathered. That’s why I have listed several of my favorites and I want family to add theirs.

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  3. So for my deathbed list, I guess On the Road Again and Leaving ona Jet Plane would have to be included as well as Whispers of Angels and You Can’t Make Old Friends.

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  4. Only You would think of this. Now I have to think about it. At the funeral I would let family choose whatever comforted them. No telling what they will have, Eric would have Pearl Jam playing.

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