August Walk (repost)

On my neighborhood walks even though it’s the dog days of August, I see secret signs of autumn to come.

Goldenrods, their yellow flags announcing six weeks ’till frost remain unfurled even though I see their heads peeking out from their hiding spots. 

The burning bushes green all summer long now showing signs of smoldering tips.

The leaves atop the trees dry and wait for a cool wind to transport them in flight to distant places where they decay as do all living things.

A child’s pink birthday balloon falling lower each day. It now barely moves, wet against the mailbox post. 


Poem by Sue Baugh Mattingly – August 2013

NOTE: Sunflower photo courtesy of Gerri Nelson Aug. 2018


4 thoughts on “August Walk (repost)

  1. Thank you!!! I am seeing a yellow tinge in tree leaves, some red in the burning bushes( no relation), and both yesterday and today, there has been a nip in the air in the wee hours of the morning. Autumn is my favorite season because I experience it with all of my senses. Mother Nature is resplendent in her magnificent hues; The sound of brittle leaves as I walk; there are tastes associated with the season, like pumpkin, cider; the chill as the cool hits the arms when unsure how to dress for the day; and the smells, whether from baking or simply fireplaces firing up for the temperature change. Wondrous!

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