Gingerbread Girl 

From the beginning she knew what she would one day become. How did she know? She just did. There were no discussions, no options presented, it was just God’s plan for gingerbread girls. When the time came she would be mixed up with predetermined amounts of specific ingredients according to the recipe. There would be enough flour to make her strong, but eggs and butter to make her pliable. It was important to be very sweet so lots of sugar would be added, balanced by just enough spice to make her interesting so that she would be desired. After being thoroughly beaten she would be flattened and cut with a mold, large enough to satisfy, but small enough to be easily handled. Next, she knew that she would be tried by fire and just when she felt that she could take no more, she would be rescued . . . and . . . devoured. She would then have served her purpose.

Written December 1996 and Revised November 2016

Gingerbread cookie photo by: Pinterest: LynniePinnie

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