Benefits of Owning a Dog

Why Own a Dog

The most obvious reason is that they are wonderful pets who bring immense joy to one’s life. 

As pointed out in an earlier post owning a dog may help you to live longer. This is strongly indicated in a recent study published in the peer-reviewed journal “Circulation: Cardiovascular Quality and Outcomes” of the American Heart Association.

The study was a meta-analysis of research published from 1950 to May of this year. This research evaluated dog ownership and its association to mortality. The data was from more than 3 million participants.

Scientists found dog owners had a 24% risk reduction for death from any cause, according to the study. For people with heart problems, living with a dog had an even greater benefit, the authors said. 

Walking a dog daily for twenty or thirty minutes is one of the obvious benefits and stress reduction and social interaction may also play a role. The scientists emphasized that dog ownership would not make up for cardiovascular risk factors such as high blood pressure, cholesterol, diabetes, and smoking.

While there are reasons why it is not practical for some individuals to own a dog, longevity might be enhanced by noting the importance of daily walking or other exercises. The American Heart Association recommends weekly activity of 150 minutes of moderate exercise to improve overall cardiovascular health.

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Staying Alive 6 of 6

Over the past five posts, we have reviewed some ways to achieve longevity. I have had some fun with the topic of “Staying Alive.” It seemed fitting that since I discuss death so frequently I owed you these tips on survival. Some of the content has been tongue-in-cheek, but that doesn’t mean the advice isn’t sound. It should be obvious that there are many other measures we can take to increase our chances of living longer. A few that come to mind immediately are not smoking, regular medical checkups, good nutrition, safe driving habits, and a multitude of others. 

If this series has helped you to be a little more mindful of a few ways to live a longer, healthier life, then I am happy.  All together now! Hit this link with your sound turned up:


A special thanks to the Bee Gees for helping us to wrap up “Staying Alive!”


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Staying Alive 3 of 6

Now we all have a puppy and female doctors . . . . . 

Next: Read 

Obviously, you are reading at the moment, but this blog post is too short to meet the recommendation for “Staying Alive.” Research shows that reading a book for one-half hour each day has a significant survival advantage. Other reading counts such as blogs or magazines but books are best according to a study by professors at Yale University. 

Several books have been reviewed here on Crooked Creek and many readers shared their favorite authors and books in an earlier post. So, I know there are readers out there. If you are not one of those it’s time to grab a book off the shelf and start prolonging your life. It’s never too late to start good habits. 


“A room without books is like a body without a soul.”  Marcus Tullius Cicero

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