Writing Prompt 3

If you were going to spend a week alone away from home and could only bring three things aside from your clothes . . . what would you bring and why?

Let’s assume medication and personal items like one’s toothbrush are included in the “clothes” category above. The three items I would take are: iPhone, pen or pencil, paper.

I would expect to spend my time observing my surroundings, hopefully lots of nature, and recording my thoughts and reflections. At other times I would use the iPhone for news and music.


Your Turn, Readers!



“Good writing is like a windowpane.” George Orwell

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Cell Phone

My iPhone is seldom beyond my reach and I’m pretty sure you can say the same about your cell. It is like a personal secretary in your pocket. I’m not sure which feature I appreciate more, but I do know it’s not the phone part. Phone calls are necessary, but I can’t say I really enjoy them most of the time. FaceTime with my granddaughters, one away at college and the other in another country, is an exception to that, of course. 


I love being able to take a high-quality photo with my phone. I like that I can carry important documents and notes. That I can enjoy my favorite music is a favorite, too. When in an unfamiliar location I love the GPS function. My car doesn’t have the fancy one built in (it’s six years old), but all I have to do is tell Siri the address and he (yes, my Siri is male and has an British accent) gets me there. Then, I say “home” and he gets back on familiar streets.


Years ago I had one of those clunky GPS gadgets where you had to manually enter each address. It worked and I depended upon it back then. One night it was stolen from my car. I found the experience not only upsetting but insulting. The thief had riffled through all my CDs and left them strewn about the car. Yes, LEFT THEM! It was during my Gosh Groben phase. 

What do you like best about your phone?


” My cell phone is my best friend. It’s my lifeline to the outside world.”                Carrie Underwood


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iPhone Oops

Dripping Phone

You can always say you jumped into the pool with your smartphone in your pocket, but we know that is not only not smart, it is also not likely. What is far more likely is that you dropped your phone in the toilet!

It happened to a friend recently when we were together and I learned something new and possibly very helpful. I’ll share it with you. 

A Bowl of Rice 

It’s not a dish. It’s a recipe for rescuing your phone. You can read all the details here: https://www.macworld.co.uk/news/apple/iphone-water-damage-rescue-soaked-device-rice-trick-3455144/  but it is really quite simple. 

Turn your iPhone off and place it in a bowl of dry uncooked rice. The rice should completely cover the phone and should be in a covered plastic bowl. Seal the bowl and leave the phone for three days. When you take it out if it still is not functioning, return it to the rice and check it every twenty-four hours. 

Good luck! 


“The cell phone has become the adult’s transitional object replacing the toddler’s teddy bear for comfort and a sense of belonging.” Margaret Heffernan


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