Christine’s Haiku

A blogger I follow is Christine Goodnough. I recommend that you take a look at her beautiful blog “Christine’s Collection” that often includes poetry. Christine was quick to respond to the Haiku Challenge with a meaningful poem.

Christine’s Haiku

a steady glow in the darkness
your friendship

Christine went further and offered some advice and information that I want to share with you. Christine said:

The 5-7-5 rule is flexible. Some great haiku vary from this. There should be some sort of clear division of thought in the verse, and the last line is not to be just an explanation of the other two. For example, not:

I eat strawberry jam
on my toast every morning
I like strawberry jam

Christine has shared six more of her Haiku which are from her blog. They are listed below. Thank you Christine for sharing your expertise. It is always good to be learning something new!

More of Christine’s Haiku

beach party over
empty bottles settle
into the sand

beer cans
in the cave signs of
intelligent life

two females
two bird feeders — no question
of sharing

shares his syrup with a fly
noblesse oblige

wild prairie crocus
deep in its furry coat
a sunbeam




It’s September and I am sitting at my desk looking out into the courtyard where I have a hummingbird feeder. I’ve seen one hummingbird off and on all summer, but today the air seems full of the little hummers as they dart from bloom to feeder and then to another bloom. They look so fragile and gentle, but this belies their strength.

Each year about this time they migrate for thousands of miles to reach their winter feeding grounds. They notice the light levels from the sun to judge when they need to begin overeating to store energy for their long flights. They increase their weight by 25-40 percent and can often be seen fighting each other for food opportunities. They travel independently rather than in flocks as do most birds. Hummingbirds migrate during the day flying low to the ground searching for food then they rest throughout the night.

I will miss these tiny creatures when they depart, but as sure as the world is standing they will return in the spring.

Pictures from 2018