Animals for Food

Before returning to the dark side, I was a vegetarian for ten years. From June 1993 to June 2003 I ate no kind of meat. It was harder in those days, especially when eating out, but I managed to explain to many servers that indeed fish and chicken were meat. It seemed they understood better if I explained that I ate nothing with a face. During those years I ate a lot of beans, rice, and pasta. I don’t know if I was healthier, but my conscience was certainly clearer.

Recently I ran across a list I made during that time. It is a list of ten reasons that I did not eat animals and I share it with you now.

  1. Animals have parents
  2. Animals love us
  3. Meat smells bad before it is cooked
  4. People who are allergic to animal hair have symptoms when eating sausage, think about it
  5. Animals experience violence, pain, and fear when they are slaughtered
  6. Animals have identity and personality; ever name your potatoes? talk to your peas?
  7. Meat is the only main dish with a gastrointestinal tract
  8. It’s like roadkill, just prepared differently
  9. I don’t care for blood and tissue in my mouth
  10. It isn’t necessary

I realize this list is partly disgusting, but so is eating meat when you give it serious thought. I also realize I am a hypocrite, because I do eat some meat now on occasion. I really do consider going “whole hog” vegetarian again and may in time.


“I think people should eat vegetarian food for 20 days and then see the glow on their faces.” Sangram Singh


Photos by Pixabay