This blog, Crooked Creek, is just over five years old. It has been a good run, but it is time to bring it to an end. As I’ve told a couple of folks “I’ve said all I have to say.” They laughed, I suppose doubting there would ever be such a day. We’ve covered subjects fun and serious, general and personal, big and small. They will be here for several months if there is something you’d like to re-read and something you’ve missed.

I appreciate so much the 609 followers from over thirty countries. Some strangers I feel I’ve gotten to know through this relationship. Other followers are those I know personally and, regardless of the status, each follower is appreciated. Those who have commented have meant so much to me. Those comments added much to the subjects posted and encouraged me throughout the tough times when this platform became daunting. I wish each of you well.

I will be concentrating on health issues including chronic leukemia. Autumn is coming and I plan to get out and enjoy that favorite season. I’m hoping for more energy to explore in nature again as I have done in the past, walking the paths of Pope Lick Part and other beautiful and near by places.

A fond farewell, Sue B. Mattingly