Another poem by Sylvia Mattingly 12/24/2014


the flutter of the butterfly

my heart flutters and my soul sets sail
to drift with the yellow swallowtail
that taken by a current of air
settles upon a blossom fair
to sip of the sweetest nectar there

my eyes brim over with sheer delight
at the vision of such an effortless flight
that balancing awkwardness with grace
bobbles and flutters from place to place
to summon a smile from my curious face

my spirit lifts and my heart is at ease
floating along on a butterfly breeze
that whispering of life both new and old
tells us a story we’ve but to behold
through wings like pages that open and fold

my mind is awed and i remain still
held captive by a swallowtail thrill
that putting me in a butterfly trance
asks me to join in the butterfly dance
knowing i will whenever the chancef80d9274d3cc2fad838e4fd9e5d43af8-sticker

Photo by Pixabay