An Extra Day

Today is February 29th, a day we only get to experience every four years. Those born today will not have a birthday for four whole years. All this so that the calendar harmonizes with the solar year. 


February has some fun dates like my brother’s and granddaughter’s birthdays. There is Presidents’ Day and Valentine’s Day and every four years a bonus day. That is exactly how I look at today. A bonus, therefore I try to not schedule anything on this day, but let it happen, soak it in, make the most of it. Who knows if it will come again in our lifetimes? Enjoy!


“Your birthday happens each year on exactly the same day. It is a solid thing, a dependable thing, a measure of your life broken down into 365 subunits. For a Leaper, it is a bit different. For us, the basic assumption is shattered from the beginning.” Rick Tumlison

Graphic by Pixabay