“White Fragility”by Robin DiAngelo

Robin DiAngelo is an antiracist educator with years of experience. Her book, “White Fragility,” is thought-provoking on many levels but her main thesis is that all white people are racist. That is an explosive statement but throughout her writing, she gives examples of how the white race has maintained a culture of supporting racism as a structure of the social order.

Michael Eric Dyson, who wrote the book’s forward, states that it is a “ vital, necessary, and beautiful book.” DiAngelo not only points out how we, as whites, get things so wrong, but why and what we can do to overcome our fragility.

I highly recommend this New York Times bestseller.


3 thoughts on ““White Fragility”by Robin DiAngelo

  1. And all black people are… and all orientals are…and al Catholics are… When you use the word ALL, it’s called sterotyping, looking at a group as a whole rather than as individuals.

    While I can see how she could built a case, it seems to me more a circumstance of history that made Europe predominate, rather than an issue of colour. Had Africans or Asians or North American natives gained the advantage of technical smarts and sailed forth to conquer the world, we of European background may well be complaining that Africans, or Orientals, were all racists, and had subjugated us unmercifully. In fact, African groups have conquered each other and so have Oriental groups. The Romans, Saxons, and Normans, all conquered and subjugated Britain. Cain slew his brother Abel. And on and on.

    The awful fact is that all human beings are tempted with the same sins. Give any particular nation or group a chance and they’ll likely grab it. IMO it’s serious over-simplifying to make this all about color.

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