“The Longest Ride”

“The Longest Ride” by Nicholas Sparks is sweet, tear-jerking, and readily forgotten. If you have read even one book by this author you know what you are in for. For this reason, I can only blame myself for recently listening to the audible version of “The Longest Ride.” I have a trove of books on my Kindle that I have not listened to and so I’m going through them now in no particular order. 

This Sparks book is about a sorority senior named Sophia and her new boyfriend, a rodeo bull rider named Luke. It is also about Ira who is ninety-one years old and his wife Ruth who has been dead for nine years. The book goes on and on with a sweet tale about each separate couple and you know they will somehow become connected in the end. They do, in a slightly unexpected way and the young couple lives happily ever after. 

If this is your genre you will love it. I think you can tell that it isn’t mine, but then I’ve been told I read a lot of “dark” material. 


3 thoughts on ““The Longest Ride”

  1. Haven’t read, or wanted to read, the book. However, I can identify with the “I have a trove of books on my Kindle” part. Best wishes for getting through them; I’ve recently contemplated just deleting the whole works and starting fresh. 😉
    I read a little joke decades ago and I think of it when I scroll through the books on my e-readers. It went something like: “The first time a Scotsman saw a FREE AIR sign at the gas (petrol) station, he blew out four tires.”
    I’ll reword this now as “When the new Kindle owner discovered Amazon’s cheap books, she clogged the memory with 120 years worth of reading.” 😉

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