Camp Grandmother’s

Life has been an adventure and I just realized that sounds like it is coming to an end. That isn’t what I mean, but after seventy-seven years on this orb, I have much to look back on. Education was fun and my career was satisfying, but pure joy only comes from sharing life with those you love. I am blessed by two wonderful daughters who brought sons into my life; even though they are called sons-in-law they are much more. Thirty years ago my first granddaughter was born followed seven years later by the second. It is hard to believe that it was so long ago because my memories of them as children seem so fresh.

From the beginning of their lives, they spent a lot of time with their Grandfather, who they called Pop, and me, Grandmother. As they grew our games became more complex but none were more fun than pretend. The oldest, Katie, was an actress and she loved getting into character and acting out elaborate roles. Her younger sister, Elizabeth, was fine with pretend too, but also loved being outdoors following her Pop around as he worked.

As they got older we went on short vacations each year before school started. One year we went to Kings Island in Cincinnati and another we spent a few days taking in the sights of Chicago. We shopped for back-to-school clothes and before we knew it grade school became high school and then college. Their days of staying at Camp Grandmother and Pop’s may be over, but the fun memories remain forever.


6 thoughts on “Camp Grandmother’s

  1. What wonderful memories you have! New adventures await. They may not look the same, but as we get on in years, we discover new ways to connect, to venture out, and then we discover even more memories to remind of us those we love.

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  2. Some of my sweetest memories of growing up are the weeks spent with my grandparents in the summer. This was before people traveled distances away from home so all our adventures were on the farms where they lived. Dressing up in some old clothes my grandmother accumulated for us, swingin in a hammock with a map, pretending to be traveling, making homemade ice cream, eating slabs of watermelon in the yard bending over as the juice ran down our arms. There are so many special memories.

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