Do you believe in ghosts? I cannot honestly answer that question. I’m open to the possibility but that is based upon the experiences of others rather than anything that I have personally witnessed. Stories from people who I trust have certainly made me wish for a personal encounter.

A friend of mine has had several unnerving experiences with ghosts. One each in her hotel room in Coronado, California and in Talbott’s Inn in Bardstown, KY were very convincing. The first was the sound of a moaning woman repeatedly throughout the night in what turned out to be a haunted room well known to the hotel. The other, closer to home, was a chair moving and banging to the floor with no one touching it.

My daughter once took a photo of a covered bridge in Indiana and when she looked at it later there were two people in the picture who were definitely not there when the photo was taken. Both the photographer and another witness can testify that there was no one on the bridge. The man and woman in the photo have on period work clothes and look at ease. Here is that unaltered photo.


I cannot explain such phenomena, can any of you? I’d love to hear your thoughts, experiences or opinions.


“I love crime, I love mysteries, and I love ghosts.” Stephen King



6 thoughts on “Ghosts

  1. Yes, I do believe in spirits, but I don’t believe they are the spirits of people. My belief in “ghosts” goes back to what the Bible says about the spirit world: there are both good spirits (angels) and evil (“fallen angels” or devils.) When people die their souls go to one place or the other — there have been enough deathbed and CPR experiences of the clinically “dead” brought back again who have experienced a bit of heaven or hell. I don’t believe souls of the dying “hang around” to haunt people.

    Many people have seen angels. They do exist and there are “ministering angels” that help people. But I don’t believe the spirits of our departed family members hang around to watch over us. That would be cruel to the poor dearly departed, considering the messes & heartache we sometimes get into after they’re gone.

    However, I believe evil spirits at times associate themselves with tragedies like murder and suicide. These spirits can — and obviously some do — haunt certain places like your friend’s hotel room. Demonic spirits manifest themselves in a variety of ways, not just as “ghosts.” In countries where there is voodoo and active devil worship, people talk about seeing objects move, fireballs and such, also animals being affected, reacting furiously, falling sick. I’ve read about animals sensing evil spirits and reacting to defend themselves or their masters. A spirit of fear or a tormenting spirit can drive a person to suicide.

    A friend tells of one evening when he and his wife got in a quarrel and went to bed mad at each other. Neither were sleeping; they were lying there with their backs to each other — when all of a sudden they heard the most demonic laughter. It was quite real and it terrified them. He said, “we were soon on our knees praying and apologizing to each other. He would say God allowed them to hear that — but I do think there’s a lot of demonic laughter going on when we do ugly things, if we’d only know it. But God wants us to make a choice for His way that’s not based on terror.

    And that’s my opinion on the subject. 🙂

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  2. I live in my mom’s home. She passed away a few years ago. Many times things have swished by me. Things have been moved and unplugged. This is just a few of the many things that happen. Are they there? Who am I to judge.

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