The Looter

I like to keep Milk Bone on hand for the neighborhood dogs, especially Bailey the little Westie next door. He is always so polite, begs, sits, and then eats every crumb. I kept the treats in a ziplock bag in a large basket on my porch. That worked for a little while.


One morning I went out and found the top off of the basket and the bag of treats spilled over the porch. I thought how unusual that a dog would do that and decided that Tupperware would solve the problem. The following morning again the top was ajar and the plastic container was demolished. Then I thought it was probably a squirrel because I do feed them and chipmunks all winter. Finally, I put the treats in a coffee can thinking I had solved the problem. I forgot that the can had a plastic lid, so the following morning again my basket and treat container had been breached.

It was then that my neighbor who has a doorbell camera informed me that a raccoon was running about the premises. She had watched it drink from her hummingbird feeder and then head toward my house. I assume he was washing down his Milk Bones!

Animals! I love them all but I now keep my dog treats in the house.

Animal photos by Pixabay



10 thoughts on “The Looter

  1. Now that gives me paws….
    A friend is currently trying to outsmart a squirrel in her yard who keeps climbing a pole to get the bird feed. So far the squirrel is winning and her stories of how they think and adapt is enjoyable.

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  2. I love this story !
    But the ending is just not you.
    You always defended squirrels from eating from my “bird” feeder.
    So kind you were, feeding any varmint really .
    But now you are depriving a cute little racoon from his dinner basket.

    Maybe you have been locked in too long !

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  3. Ah raccoons! When I was a kid we watched a mama teach her three kits how to break into our garbage can! Which was feat in itself because my dad was always trying to outsmart them. Gotta love ‘em!

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