When Breath Becomes Air

“When Breath Becomes Air” by Paul Kalanithi

If you have questions about life and/or death this book is a must-read. Paul Kalanithi, MD was a brilliant neurosurgeon and scientist who strove to meet his patients’ needs emotionally as well as physically. He had many questions about death while he held the life of his patients in his skilled hands.

At the zenith of Paul’s career while in his fourth decade of life, he learned that he had terminal cancer. During his final months, he wrote this book about facing and accepting that reality. He honestly tells us his fears, doubts, and hopes in the most sensitive way. It is a beautiful story about an extraordinary yet humble life.

His wife, Lucy, completes the book via an epilogue about his final days.


This book is a New York Times bestseller and a finalist for the Pulitzer Prize.




4 thoughts on “When Breath Becomes Air

  1. Sound very interesting. I appreciate all of your tips. There are so many books now that you have brought to your blog and are now on my reading list. Thank you.

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  2. Sounds very interesting. Like Pat says, You have certainly expanded my “to buy” book list. Right now I am just finishing up Pigs in heaven by Barbara Kingsolver about a small Cherokee girl adopted by a white Woman. Lots of twists and turns.

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  3. I wrote a response but I guess I failed to push the final button. I think it said, “Like Pat, I find this review interesting. You have certainly increased my to buy book list also. I am just finishing Barbara Kingsolver’s Pigs in Heaven. It has been a good book with twists and turns. We Americans have certainly Ky treated many people unfairly.


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