Still Coping

Covid Calamity

Here we are almost four months in and things are not improving. I’ve posted my thoughts and feelings about the isolation involved with staying safe and I must admit that my resolve to stay productive is waning a bit. As a result, I’m reading a lot of books. You’ve probably noticed all the book reviews on Crooked Creek.

Thanks for bearing with me. I cannot believe that I have all this time and suddenly I have so little to say. I’m not sure what this means for the future of this blog, but time will tell.

Meanwhile, be safe. You know the drill.



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10 thoughts on “Still Coping

  1. You have wonderful books to share, medical knowledge, and your blog helps immensely. Yes, this pandemic and the mishandling of it is trying, but I am determined to hang tough. You words are beneficial in so may ways because they are real.

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  2. Thanks for all your blogs. I enjoy the book reviews as I do your thoughts about perplexing topics. I, like you, am getting a little discouraged at the length of time this is taking, especially when so many folks seem to disregard guidelines. However I must keep reminding myself that our ancestors endured so much more during WWII. It is hard to imagine a parent sending a son or daughter off to a war and not hearing from them for such a long time with only letters to correspond— And during the depression, losing all the money you had inThe bank, , having to stand in line for food, having to scrimp and save and To pay bills without public assistance ( as many are doing now).

    And I agree that some days, motivation is hard and it is easy to escape in a good book, but at least that is keeping your mind active. Hang in there, Sue, as I am trying to do.

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  3. Please don’t abandon the blog. These are difficult times and it has to be hard to be creative every day. I enjoy your blog and look forward to entries.

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