Red Summer

Tonight, the President of the United States will hold a rally in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Many believe the rally should not be held there because of the city’s history of violence against African Americans almost 100 years ago. Tulsa was only one of many cities wherein Black Americans were tortured, beaten, burned, or hanged during the so called “Red Summer.”

Red Summer occurred in 1919 and lasted from late winter through early autumn and took place in over three dozen cities in the United States. The NAACP and other activist groups organized peaceful protests that were soon overrun by white supremacists leading to the months’ long riots that burned Black-owned businesses, homes, and families.

I wonder what city might be exempt from the history of such events and therefore appropriate for political rallies.

I wonder how many of you readers learned about this time in American history during your years in school. I know that I did not. I don’t think it is by accident that we were not taught about this and other times of conflict between White and Black Americans.

This photograph taken June 1, 1921, is part of a collection at the University of Tulsa.            (USA Today)
St. Louis Red Summer
Photo from Bing

7 thoughts on “Red Summer

  1. So much missing from history classes throughout my school years, and sadly, the same when my own children were in school. May this be incorporated into history henceforth, so that no one is forgotten, overlooked, or unimportant. We cannot allow ignorance to continue.

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  2. No. I was not given this history in my years of education.
    I do believe that every fact should be taught in school. Taught with researched facts.
    It should NOT, have the Presenter offering any personal opinion. JUST THE FACTS.
    Students can make their own opinions.

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  3. I never hear of this one, but have heard /read about other incidents. In the 1930s during the Depression, I’ve read that blacks were either laid off or (in the South) even shot so a white man could take their job. The history has always been awful.

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  4. So true, so sad…. and not just in the USA! However through technology things do come to light faster….. I never learned anything about the Concentration Camps in School…. still too raw at the time maybe?

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