The Earth Could Heal

the earth could heal

if we were gone
the earth could heal
we see the evidence
now that viral pandemonium
has herded us into seclusion
nature has begun to breathe again…
the air and water have cleared
as we have been forced
to shrink back in isolation
but even after this pandemic
has passed
will we have seen the difference
will we ever understand
that one day the earth might die
for it requires care and respect
and its resources are finite
we pillage and plunder
to make our lives more
convenient and comfortable
and we are never satisfied…
we will always want more…
we will take until
there is nothing left to give…
like Shel Silverstein’s “Giving Tree”
we have been given a level
of intelligence
that supersedes all…
and a sharp conscience
with which to hone wisdom
if only we were good stewards…
if only we could live
in balance and harmony
but just remember
that the earth could heal
the earth could heal
if we were gone
Sylvia L. Mattingly, May 8, 2020
Written during the Covid-19 pandemic that has rocked our world.
I feel passionate about how we affect our planet and Mother Nature.
We only have one home, and we’d better take care of it.
Photo by Pixabay

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