Physically Distant

“physically distant” by Pat Bush

I plan to stay “physically distant”,

Not giving up for a day or an instant.

Yes, it is hard and NOT the norm,

In any way, shape, or form.

My heart is aching for those not paid,

For graduations, proms, canceled, or delayed.

Yet if we’re careful for some months or more

Our reunions will mean more than ever before.

Sadly, for some, it’s never to be,

Because some they loved they’ll never see.

Let’s do it right. Stay strong and hope.

Calling and texting will help us cope.

“Normal” will be a thing of the past,

But what we learn can truly last.

Pay closer attention, develop new skills.

For it is ignorance that truly kills.

We are better when we are wise.

Don’t be fooled by selfish lies.




5 thoughts on “Physically Distant

  1. Here in Sask we haven’t been hit very hard — 400+ diagnosed cases; 4 deaths.So our provincial govt is doing a three step program to get things back on the road. This week lesser health care facilities are opening, like dentists, opticians, therapists. May 19th stores. But always with the thought of maintaining that distance. If all goes well, by June 1st all restrictions will be off.

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