Writing Prompt 4

How important is writing to you and what does writing do for you?

As much as I like to talk it is hard to believe but I would rather write. I express myself more clearly in writing. I especially like to write using the computer. It is clearer, neater, and gives helpful prompts and corrections. Since getting older my cursive penmanship has suffered . . . or should it be “penwomanship?”

How about you, how do you feel about writing?


“Only the hand that erases can write the true thing.” Meister Eckhart


Laptop Photo by Pixabay

7 thoughts on “Writing Prompt 4

  1. I would love to enjoy writing. Perhaps in a later time.( if I am afforded such time) I think that I would like to write.
    I enjoy talking for the moment.

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  2. Writing is now, and has always been, my favorite means of expression. It may be in part because we were raised without TV and that was the only way we knew to express ourselves. No cell phones, computers, and other” now ordinary” means of communication. We wrote thank-you notes, letters to relatives and friends who lived elsewhere. It became my outlet. I could put things in words that my mouth could not say. So many times, they were thrown away before sending, but getting the words out was therapeutic in a sense. Even today, after all these years, I still love writing. As hard as it may be to believe, I was pretty much mute until sometime in my late 50’s. Now, Super Glue/Duct Tape may be the only way to render me speechless. Ha!

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  3. That’s quite a question — may take a whole page to answer it. (Not being given to terseness myself. 🙂 ) I guess most people write because they feel they have a message that someone needs to hear.

    As to the actual act of writing, like yourself I prefer the computer. I’m inclined to jump around a lot, but with the computer I can spill it all out, then round up my thoughts and cut-paste-arrange them into proper sections for more clarity. when I write by hand I use a lot of White-Out. 😉

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