March Flowers

When I was growing up we called daffodils “March Flowers.” I don’t know it that was peculiar to the country or the era. Now I know they are daffodils and I look for them as soon as March appears on the calendar. I love this month when three of my four beautiful girls were born.


If the old saying about lambs and lions is true this month will go out like a lion because today has been warm (70*F) and sunny. There is something else to look forward to this month.

That’s right, Girl Scout Cookies! Mine were delivered today, my favorites which are Thin Mints and the new Lemon-Ups. Yum! I hope all of you here in the U.S. remember to support the Girl Scouts and get your delicious cookies.

‘One Yellow Daffodil’ is both a look to the past and to the future and expresses my belief in the great spirit and strength of our children. David Adler

8 thoughts on “March Flowers

    1. Happy St. David’s day to you Helen! I had to look that up and I see the significance for you as he is the patron saint of Wales (“Dewi Sant”). I’ll think of you on March 1st from now on!


  1. Happy March to you. It. Is always a joy to see daffodils when they first bloom. If you would like to expand your knowledge, attend the Louisville Daffodil Show and see the wide variety. All of them are quite beautiful.

    As for Girl Scout cookies, I try to stay away from them because I have a tendency to eat too many — hard to eat just one. However if I see girls selling them, I will give them a donation. We don’t see them selling them much here in Florida. My favorite is Samoas.

    I hope your March is peaceful and calm the whole month through.

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  2. We too, always called them March Lilies, because of their bloom time. They produce beautiful flowers and there are so many hybrids now, all slightly different in color and/or shape.
    Daffodils were always a favorite hiding place for Easter eggs in our yard. Mom had Daffodils planted everywhere. But sadly, they all waned and died out over the years.
    I am reminded of the poem by Henry Wordsworth…” The Daffodils”… one of my favorites!

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  3. I have seen them, tulips, and some type of white flower all around here. Streets have red buds, dogwoods blooming (the amount depends on the side of the street they are on). Spring brings hope to me. Despite what we go through, we have a chance to once again blossom, just like the things in Nature. In addition to be a wonderful blogger, you are a gifted write and photographer. Thank you for spreading the joy.

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