The Walk

The Walk

WalkHer walk was possibly her most impressive attribute. There was something about her carriage that was both authoritative and sexy. She commanded attention upon entering a room with confident strides. She never resorted to tiny lady-like steps yet her movement was anything but masculine. That stride with shoulders back, head up and chest out unconsciously belied the insecurity and inferiority that she carried deep within her heart for all of her years. Her fears gave off fearsomeness and her lack of confidence made her seem aloof so few knew what was inside.

Today when she hesitantly enters a room her shoulders lead, her head is down and the chest mostly concave. No one truly sees her. They glance only at the carriage, the shape and assume they know what she’s like. She’s the same as always and still, they do not know her.

Graphics by Pixabay

4 thoughts on “The Walk

  1. This is a beautiful piece. So descriptive. It leaves many questions for the reader, but also allows the reader to apply to herself. I loved this! Thank you.

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