The Day I Realized I Didn’t Want to Be a Nurse Anymore

This is not my story. Unfortunately, though it is the story of too many nurses today. I left clinical nursing when administrative opportunities became available after over ten years. My heart aches for what many nurses experience today. This is a Re-Blog.


Source: The Day I Realized I Didn’t Want to Be a Nurse Anymore


5 thoughts on “The Day I Realized I Didn’t Want to Be a Nurse Anymore

  1. It breaks my heart because I know it is true. I have many friends who are/have been in the medical profession and cannot imagine how they endured this. There heads and hearts remain intact, but their bodies suffer in the long run. I have utmost respect and admiration for them because they give it their all, despite the long hours, the fatigue.
    In some ways, I hurt for teachers for the same reason. They work all day, are not paid adequately, come home, and still do schoolwork, take care of families and personal responsibilities, just as medical professionals do. I salute these selfless souls who chose this path and wish that they could be rewarded for their efforts, and given sufficient time off to recharge their batteries. They are everyday heroes who do not receive adequate praise.

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  2. I understand because the same thing goes for the teaching profession. Thankfully there are still wonderful nurses continuing on every day, but how long they can last with the stress and demands a the question.


    1. You are so right. We have the worst system because it is built on money, especially pharmaceuticals, hospital corporations and managed care. I’ve been on all sides and I know it bottom to top. I’ll take single payer any day!


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