A while back I read a blog post by Brandon Knoll which resonated with me. Knoll questioned why we talk about people being at peace after death rather than during life. The question was raised by this sign (taken from his blog post):


Life can be so challenging we forget to live in peace or feel it is impossible. I think it is only possible if we are mindful each day, each hour life should be at peace. Imagine a world where every person had that same goal. Alas, we are only responsible for our own actions.

We are therefore responsible for our own peace.


Check out the post referenced above in Brandon Knoll’s “Chaotic Shapes” blog:


4 thoughts on “Peace

  1. If we each practiced what we peace, this would be a far better world we live in. “Let there be peace on earth and let it begin with me”. Now that is a beautiful song AND modus operandi.

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  2. It seems there are so many people in today’s world who do not value peace or at least go about finding it in the wrong ways. May we all do our part to find peaceful means to resolve our problems.

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