Bird Food for All

Bird Food Thieves


Feed them and they will come!

Recently I was joking about how much it costs to keep my five bird feeders supplied. I told my kids that the bird food bill was more than for my groceries. Well, on my birthday the family presented me with about 70# of different kinds of birdfeed! What a great gift. There was even a bag of peanuts for the sneaky rodents who drop by regularly! 

“Everyone likes birds. What wild creature is more accessible to our eyes and ears, as close to us and everyone in the world, as universal as a bird?”                          David Attenborough



Bird Photos by Pixabay

7 thoughts on “Bird Food for All

  1. Glad that it “suets” you so well. I absolutely love birds and learn a lot from them about how to survive… Your interaction with all creatures, human and otherwise, is noteworthy. The photography is always spectacular.Kudos to your girls for finding a solution, even for the pilferers….

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  2. NO ! NO! NO!

    Squirrels do not belong at bird feeders.
    They are cute, but a pest that’s for sure !!!

    Most gardeners hate them because they will eat anything in sight.
    They are mostly vegetation so they will eat anything you grow,
    Fruit and vegetables.
    Even flower bulbs, and your flowers !
    I even read, will eat a bird egg from a bird nest for a meal.



  3. I love feeding the birds and Squirrels.
    Observing them has given a new perspective of life. All earthly inhabitants can survive together.
    The squirrels and the birds eat together in peace at my house.
    It gives hope. Hope that Mankind will be willing to follow the example.

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  4. Wonderful pictures of birds. They are really fun to watch. It is exasperating to have other animals eat your feed. What a great birthday present!
    Have you tried greasing the pole to the feeder. Sometimes it makes it harder for squirrels and chipmunks to climb up there. However if the feeder is under a tree, the tricky squirrels find a way to jump from a tree branch to the feeder.

    I live in a condo and had some beautiful “pop-ups” and Jacob’s tears that I had had for 30 years or more. I took them with me each time I moved. I finally gave up after the chipmunks and squirrels kept digging up the bubbles. I tried putting chicken wire on it but I guess it wasn’t secure enough. They just threw it off the pots and ate away. Nature is interesting.

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