Haven House Needs Met

Specific needs identified at Haven House Homeless Shelter https://crookedcreek.live/2019/07/10/haven-house-needs/  have been met by volunteers who learned what needed to be done and stepped up to do them. Some of those who worked on these projects are Allison and Stan Puckett of Stan’s Home Improvement, LLC, Bob Fred of Bob Fred’s Welding and Elizabeth Puckett, IUPUI senior.

In addition employees and residents of Haven House planted flowers and rosebushes at the entrance and prepared a small garden area inviting guests to enjoy the out of doors and nature. Here are photos of that area:



Lighting has been installed in a dark stairway.



The church rehabbed into a homeless shelter has three entrances with steps and none had handrails for safety. Now they do. Below are photos of the two rear entrances:



Installing the handrail for the front entrance steps was more of a challenge but was accomplished after four hours of work in the hot sun.



This slideshow requires JavaScript.

A big THANK  YOU to all who helped with these projects!

Stan Puckett of Stan’s Home Improvement, LLC
Allison Puckett, LMHC
Elizabeth Clay Puckett
Bob Fred of Bob Fred’s Welding who contributed his time and labor to weld the handrails.



NOTE: These are my observations and opinions. I do not represent nor speak for Haven House. 


5 thoughts on “Haven House Needs Met

  1. What a wonderful group of friends and family! You mentioned light bulbs but the rays from the smiles of those who pitched shines the brightest. You and yours are phenomenal people. Thank you for sharing who you are on the inside so that others have a safe harbor.

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  2. What a wonderful example of giving selflessly and lovingly to the community. Well done to the Puckett family, Fred, all the residents, employees and volunteers who care for the Haven house 🏠

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  3. You and your wonderful family were awesome. You provided free for us, you labored for us, you treated our residents with warmth, compassion, and dignity. Thank you for all of your gifts. Barb Anderson

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