KRM Welcome

I would like you to meet Patrick Litanga who in the video below explains what it is like to arrive in this country as a refugee. Patrick knows because he came here years ago as a young refugee from the Congo. Since then he has completed a Masters Degree and is currently working on his Doctorate while holding two jobs. Patrick is now married and has two children.

One of Patrick’s jobs is with the Kentucky Refugee Ministry (KRM) as a caseworker, giving back to those who have helped him to succeed as an American citizen and to other refugees who arrive in Kentucky.

Listen as he tells you what it is like to be a new arrival and how he feels about the airport welcomes that KRM provides. As a volunteer with Patrick more than once I can say that he does this part of his work with enthusiasm and sincerity. He makes Airport Welcomes work with a very personal touch.


“We cannot forget that we are a nation founded by refugees who were fleeing oppression and often fearful for their lives.” Brad Schneider


Title Photo by Pixabay

5 thoughts on “KRM Welcome

  1. Wow! How aptly he speaks of the situation, which every refugee must feel! He knows, and I’m so glad that he is there for the ones that follow!

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