The Bald Eagle 

Did you know these facts about the national symbol of the United States. 

  • It is against the law to possess even one feather of a Bald Eagle.
  • Bald Eagles build the biggest nests of any bird in the world. One nest in the state of Florida was documented as weighing over two tons and measuring 9.5 feet across!

Nest bald-eagles-1761466_1280

  • Bald Eagles do not get their white heads and tails until they reach sexual maturity which is at 5 years. The one below is a juvenile.

Juvenile bald-eagle-940496_1280

  • For every 60 minutes, a Bald Eagle soars it only flaps its wings for about two minutes.

Soaring eagle-3854784_1280

  • Bald Eagles often drown because they grab a fish that is too large and it pulls them under the water.
  • Besides the Bald Eagle, there are over 50 other eagle species and they are found on every continent except Antarctica.

     “The Eagle has landed.” Neil Armstrong


Watch Bald Eagles live on this camera in South Florida:

Source: Raptor Rehabilitation of Kentucky, Inc.

Photos by Pixabay






9 thoughts on “BALD EAGLES

  1. Wow!!! I had no idea of the size of their nests. Can you imagine the labor that goes into it? That speaks to their determination and foresight as they plan for the care of their children. I knew there were other eagles, but had no idea about fifty+. You always enlighten. I think you are an enSUEclopedia of knowledge!!!! Thank you!!!!

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    1. Every year Harriet and her mate return to the same tree and nest.
      They mate, and repair their nest and usually have two eggs .
      You will watch them hatch, and enjoy mom and pop feed and take care of their babies.
      The two juvenile eagles just fledged their nest in May.
      Mom and Pop will return to the nest around Sept,/Oct and start a new family.

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  2. What interesting facts about the eagle! Wonder why it’s illegal to own even one feather? I can understand why not a lot but one???

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  3. These are interesting facts about Eagles. Fortunately they seem to be making more of a comeback, especially in our area. They’ve been spotted in several areas of the Floyd’s Fork Parklands.

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