Today I look at the flowering trees and think of you.

When we enjoyed them last spring we had no reason to think it would be our last dogwood season together. 

Now you lie in the cold ground with woods of redbud all around, but cannot see, or smell, or move to raise your eyes skyward. 

But, then I see an unexpected crane, a cardinal or a deer and I wonder if that is so. 

Sue Baugh Mattingly – April 15, 2015



Theme photo in title by Pixabay

10 thoughts on “Spring

  1. Wonderful expression of your grief and thankfulness. I often tell people who are grieving to write the feelings for the first year– all the things that make one think of his/ her loved ones— all sweet memories, etc. it helps get through that really rough time.

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  2. So very true. Thank you. My mother was quite the gardener and when I see things blooming like they are, especially this year, I think of her. Maybe it’s because she passed away in April. You brought warm memories.

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  3. I love your poem about my dear Uncle Raym (Dad always called him that).
    I do believe that when we lose a loved one, their spirit rises and they are all around us. I also think our senses are heightened by that loss and we are more perceptive and aware of their spiritual presence.

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