Today at the Park

During this time of year, the woodlands change almost by the day. As more trees give birth to leaves the view changes. Some things so obvious during the winter months are now obscure. Spring brings the same beauty each year yet it is forever new. Today there were wildflowers not seen just a couple of days ago. These are phlox and I believe mustard. 

The redbud trees dotted the hillsides and gave a party look to the usually monochromic woods. 

Daffodils I noticed today made me think of a family who had probably lived on this site many years ago. It is not unusual to spot blooming bulbs decades after their owners are gone. 


“Love is a springtime plant that perfumes everything with its hope, even the ruins to which it clings.” Gustave Flaubert


8 thoughts on “Today at the Park

  1. I love your pictures of nature’s bounty. As for the phlox… I remember the tune, “When shepherds watched their phlox by night”… Sorry, couldn’t resist. The azaleas around here are starting to bloom and the magnificent trees are spreading joy. My son calls them tree tunnels and said just today that he remembers when he and his sisters were small, we would drive to this area to ride through them. He and they loved that adventure into what they called real neighborhoods…

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  2. Pat, you are so funny—also, like your children, love the tree tunnels. I am always thrilled at such natural beauty when Idrive through one.

    Sue, thank you for this blog on spring. I really miss springtime since I don’t return until later. I, like you, think of the people who once lived in a place when I see clumps of daffodils. Looking forward to seeing lilacs, dogwood, peonies and Iris—and you.

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