Staying Alive 5 of 6

We read books, love our pets and have a female doctor to keep us out of the hospital, so what else do we need to do to stay alive? 

Prepare for Disaster!



Noun – a sudden event, such as an accident or a natural catastrophe, that causes great damage or loss of life

A disaster may be caused by a flood, fire, storm, civil unrest, or many, many other things. It may be as simple as having no heat during the extreme cold or as complex as a nuclear explosion. Regardless there are things we can do to increase the chance of “Staying Alive” during a disaster. 

A disaster plan can be a few simple steps, but it can and should be much more detailed and a good resource is:

This government website should be studied and a customized plan then devised for your home, involving each member of the family. Everyone should know the plan and regular drills should be carried out to ensure it remains the best plan for current circumstances and that each person remembers what actions to take.  

This can be a daunting endeavor, but your life can literally depend upon it. The best way to tackle the project is step by step starting with making sure that your home has working smoke and carbon monoxide detectors. Replace batteries each spring and fall when the time changes relative to Daylight Saving Time.

“I beg you take courage; the brave soul can mend even disaster.”

Catherine the Great


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3 thoughts on “Staying Alive 5 of 6

  1. Back in the late 60s, I worked at the Census Bureau. That was the time when we had Fall Out Shelters. A census was taken asking people across the country to describe their property. Did they have basements, storm cellars, an evacuation plan? To this day, I recall one particularly memorable answer. The gentleman filled out his form with the following information:” In the event of a nuclear attack, the only thing anyone can do is to go to the southwest corner of their basement, squat down, put your head between your legs, exert pressure, and kiss your butt goodbye”. Of course he was being facetious, but the fact is, we do need to have a plan for any disaster, catastrophe. We need to be prepared, practice, have a plan that everyone is familiar with. Schools do it, hospitals do it, and so should everyone. We have all lived through tornados, ice storms, power outages. Others have lived through horrifying hostage situations. These are facts of life and your sage advice helps us to pay close attention and to find ways to survive under trying conditions. Batteries, can openers, bottle openers, nonperishable food items, contact information, even a medication list, next of kin, MDs. If someone is hurt and unable to call for help, this will help point the first-responders in the right direction.

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