Another Year – Post #216

Just to catch up from last year’s post https://crookedcreek.live/2018/02/08/thanks/  Crooked Creek now has 263 followers. One year ago it was only 120. We welcome each and every new follower and say, “Thanks” once again to all readers. 

It is also significant (to me at least) that I am preparing infusion number 302 for administration tonight. I want once again to express my sincere gratitude to all those who donate plasma that makes this treatment possible.  https://crookedcreek.live/2018/02/08/thanks/



4 thoughts on “Update

  1. Thank YOU for writing this blog. It is always interesting, filled with food for thought. You are a gifted writer, a person who offers keen insight and hope by sharing your journey.

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  2. Thankful that you continue to write and share all that is in your heart and mind. I appreciate your wisdom and insight. It’s definitely needed. ❤️

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