What are you going to be for Halloween? 

Have you heard this question yet this year? I think it’s funny that we don’t talk about what we will wear, so much as what we will “be.” To me, this means we really take our roles seriously and enjoy being someone, or something, different for a few hours. 

I have not made a decision about this year, but will probably be lazy and not put together a costume at all. Sometimes when you’ve done it well, it’s hard to top your own performance. Please forgive my bragging, but I was a really good Wolf Who Ate Grandma one year and I thought the year I was a “Cereal Killer” (as in Cheerios) was pretty creative, too.


My bag lady year was a little lame, but there were two other years that I rocked! 

Goth was fun, but Camo Sue was my best ever!

What will you be this year?



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7 thoughts on “Halloween

  1. Yep creative! Love all three! In Germany we don’t do costumes for Halloween, but make up for it during Carnival or Fasching…..

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  2. I always dressed as a hobo. My mother worked and didn’t have time to think about costumes, so we found our own and it was easy to find raggedy jeans, a shirt and a broom with a handkerchief tied on the end.
    If I dress now, it is as a witch. I have my mother’s witch dress and hat that she wore after her retirement when she visited the residents of the local nursing home at halloween and took them treats. They loved it.

    Love your costumes.

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