Behind the Scenes


Most of us, if not all, have friends. There are many kinds of friends and we need all kinds. Some we party with, with others we may share our deepest secrets. There are those who call and check on us if they have not heard from us in a while. Some help us fix things and if we are lucky there is at least one who provides us with a delicious meal now and then. All are needed. All are valuable and precious. We strive to be the kind of friend others need.

Recently I’ve had an opportunity to appreciate “behind the scenes” friends. They are precious people in our lives who may even be related to us and they give quietly with no thought of repayment. 

A few hours prior to an event recently I saw men and women working hard arranging tables, chairs, and decorations. I saw linen tablecloths being steamed and candles being lit. People were delivering food and drinks. It was hot. Each person was red-faced and sweaty, but it was an act of love. These are friends who should never be overlooked, working without fanfare, giving of themselves. 

Fred Rogers, a.k.a. Mr. Rogers said when he was scared his mother always told him to look for the helpers. That was good advice. Many times we must look behind the scenes to find them. 


“I get by with a little help from my friends.” John Lennon

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3 thoughts on “Behind the Scenes

  1. When someone mentions friends, I think first of the friends I keep in touch with regularly. When someone mentions friends who did something touching and supportive, I think of a group of my co-workers in 1996.
    I took a leave from work the last year before retirement to care for my brother who was extremely ill. Although he had been dealing with the many hospitalizations associated with AIDS, this time he had a brain infection and could not be left alone because of erratic behavior and extreme weakness. I stayed with him Day and night for over a month and the majority of the days and nights for 5 months. He required a lot of care and I was exhausted and often found it difficult to find food that he would eat.
    My coworkers at the Van Hoose EducationCenter got together and planned meals which were delivered to me twice a week for over a month. What a welcome relief and a gesture I will never forget. Thank you notes and calls seems inadequate but I tried to express that I would never forget their help. A year later, the Courier Journal featured an article about things for which we were thankful. I wrote a letter with the description of their kindness. It was published in the paper and I hope let them know that they had touched my soul with their gesture. Not friends I now see often but they will always be on my list of true friends do.

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