Way Back

Do You Remember?

Way back when  . . . 

  1. Milk was delivered to your door before daylight in a glass recyclable bottle?
  2. Books of matches were free and had advertising written on them?  


  3. You went to the “show” (movie) and sat in the balcony?
  4. Telephone poles had insulators like these? IMG_7133
  5. Most women were married to their homes, i.e., housewives
  6. Couples on TV always slept in twin beds?
  7. Women did not go to war?
  8. “Howdy Doody” was on TV?
  9. Moms worked 24/7 for no monetary compensation. . . oh, wait, that still sometimes happens.
Photo by Pinterest

“Old age is just a record of one’s whole life.” Muhammad Ali



5 thoughts on “Way Back

  1. The milk reference really struck a chord. I remember when it would freeze in those bottles outside and the cap would pop up with an inch or so of icy milk protruding from it. We also called refrigerators, “ice boxes”, and would bring in those popped cap bottles and put them in the ice box. We also had to have ice delivered to put in the freezer to keep it cold enough to keep food from spoiling. I remember the iceman, with his tongs clasping the big blocks on either side, delivering them several times a week.
    It also reminded me that we had a ‘coal man” come every so often to put coal in the coal bin so that Dad could keep the furnace going. In the middle of the house we had what I now know was a Ben Franklin stove that dad called a “warm morning” stove. Mom burned old papers and bulletins from church in it to help keep the house warm.

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  2. Thanks for taking us down memory lane. Some changes have been for the good but we have lost some things in the process.
    Two comments about your list:
    I have a large metal can of matchbooks from my travels. I guess it is time to go through and discard.
    The only people who sat in the balcony at our local movie were the black people. Isn’t that awful!

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